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Jan Mancey:

Educated as a professional designer at University of Manitoba's Faculty of Architecture, I’ve explored a wide variety of media, and have developed a passion for creating mixed media pieces, fine art beadwork, and sterling silver jewellery, into which I often incorporate gorgeous beads and other treasures.  I consider myself a "multi-passioned artist"

I have officially retired from the Valley Artisans' Co-op.  Thank you to all of my clients and customers; I have greatly appreciated your support over the years! I'm currently back in the studio creating limited numbers of handmade sterling silver necklaces and earrings -- intentions.

artist & designer

A small sampling of wearable art for ears, necks, fingers, and wrists.  

Jan has recently returned to the studio and is hand fashioning limited numbers of jewellery pieces created with love and intention.

What's happening?

The pieces in this photo album reside in private  collections.